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Click Here to see our Female Kemmer Stock Mountain Curs: Here at Hinch Mountain Big Game Kemmer's we strive to produce dogs that can take a Hog & Bear track as they come, work that track out and produce game at the end of that track. Wakefield Farms. 100 likes. A page for hog bear and lion hunting kemmer stock mnt curs and hunting to be discussed and bought sold traded or studded out. Curs are easier to take backpacking, camping, fishing, trapping, etc. We breed to not only to improve the breed but improve it for our western game such as Dogging Coyotes or Lions/Bobcats. All are very versatile, but our intention in our breeding is to try and be a little more speacialized.

12/09/2010 · Hagerman-What the hell would Robert Kemmer know about hunting Big Game, he hasnt hunted anything but puppy buyers for a couple decades. His site is full of counterfeits and salesmen. ridgerunner-If you want a cur for Big game, you better be dang sure thats what the folks your gettin the pup from is using them on, or your in for a rude awakening. Big Game Curs. I have heard that curs will hunt pretty much anything you show them. Is anyone aware of a line of curs being used successfully on big game other than hogs?. KEMMER STOCK MTN CURS. excell on big game with the track speed, nose power and stay power as well as tree power.

The Tn. Mtn. Hybrids are a breed of smaller dogs used mostly on small game but with the heart and drive to use on big game. Robert developed these dogs by crossing the Kemmer Stock Mtn. Cur with very selected feist, such as the Mullins Feist. These dogs must be at least 25% but not more than 75% Kemmer. Robert Kemmer Strain Mtn Curs and Hybrids. Kemmer Stock. Login; Join; HOME. Kemmer Stock. Robert Kemmer Strain Mtn Curs and. Last post looking for big game bred pup by poppasmith May 13, 2018; All Things Garmin Reviews, Issues. Last post another new gun,its all about the dogs by Big Ronnie Sep 10, 2015; Robert Kemmer's Stories Robert old. 21/01/2014 · Grittiness doesn't seem overly important, as I really would just like a dog that will put game up a tree and not necessarily pull hair. I'm somewhat overwhelmed by the different lines of mountain curs, and what could best suit my desires. Would Striker, Kemmer, OMC, Stephens, or something else entirely fit more of the mold that I'm looking for?


The 100% Pure Kemmer Stock Mtn. Cur dog is a natural tree dog with outstanding game finding ability that consistently reproduces themselves because of a dedicated inbreeding and linebreeding program for the past 30 years by the master breeder himself, Robert Kemmer, and the many dedicated breeders & fanciers that want to preserve this breed of. John and Loyd did an outstanding job. We had a live Bluegrass band play with wonderful food and the grounds were great. From what I was told, there was plenty of game for our hunters. Thank you — we had a great time. Until next month, happy hunting to all. Full_Cry-Dec-2011-North_Louisiana_Kemmer_Mt_Curs-Ronnie_Taylor. Wakefield Farms. 102 likes. A page for hog bear and lion hunting kemmer stock mnt curs and hunting to be discussed and bought sold traded or studded out. Welcome to the Kemmer Stock Mtn Cur Breeders Assoc. Official Forum Board! Please join us as a member to participate and enjoy our Forum Board with full.

Kemmer Stock - Robert Kemmer Strain Mtn Curs.

Welcome to Ozarks Original Mountain Curs Cell 573-578-3563 Original Mountain curs squirrel and coon dogs We are located in Licking Missouri and have hunted the Ozarks Mountains our whole life. i took her in for another ultrasound this morning and i could see the beating hearts and skeletal outline they are getting big. sher should have them on thanksgiving. the vet said they are so big there is no extra room for fluid so hope they come soon cause she acts like she is really uncomfortable. hello i am looking for a big game bred pup for hog hunting, any help from the forum would be greatly appreciated. Kemmer Stock. Login; Join; HOME. Kemmer Stock. Robert Kemmer Strain Mtn Curs and Hybrids. FORUMS. DISCUSSIONS. MESSAGES. NOTIFICATIONS. Kemmer Stock > General Forums > Message Board > looking for big game bred pup. Moderator. Kemmer Stock Mountain Curs are a line of squirrel dogs known for their excellent hunting abilities, started by a man named Robert Kemmer from Tennessee, USA. He established the Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur Breeders Association to breed and work for the betterment and preservation of the Kemmer.

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